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Songs of War in Vietnam

by Ike Pappas of CBS News [22:35]

[copyright 1967 by Ike Pappas and CBS News, used by permission of Ike Pappas and Westwood One/CBS [through Lauro Buono, Esq.].

Ike Pappas with C Troop, 1/4 Cav 1967

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Ike Pappas went into the field and into informal gathering places to record and share these compositions, written and sung by American troops during the Vietnam War.  Sometimes heroic, sometimes humorous, sometimes dark, the songs tell the story of men and women who lived and worked, and sometimes died, in dangerous places.  Hear Songs of War in Vietnam.

--Ike Pappas writes to us --
"Thanks very much for putting "Songs of War" on your website. I am honored.  However,  I do see one problem.   The copy I just heard on the web...[has] the first 30 seconds or so... missing.  The original piece opens with me saying  "As long as men have fought wars, they have sung about them".  What is heard next is the opening phrase of a song called "We're all going to fight the Kaiser (or something like that), tinny sounding and a bit scratchy but understandable, written and recorded in 1918. The script then identifies the song as WWI vintage and segues to the opening refrain of "Ku Chi Run"---And that's the point where the CD and web presentation begin.  The missing opening of the broadcast is important because it puts the rest of the show in context and adds a bit of history...."  Ike Pappas 4/20/02  

KLIK Radio Lai Khe  and AFVN American Forces Vietnam Network radio veterans reply--
"Thank you for letting us post this, Mr. Kappas.  We are trying to obtain a more complete version.  In the original tape from KLIK Lai Khe the first 30 seconds of audio tape are physically damaged.  We hope to get a complete copy soon and will post the improved version ASAP."  -- Yours truly, Bob Morecook, AFVN News 72/73

We have located one copy and hope some generous person will make a gift of about $100 so we can restore the tape to usable quality -- or in the alternative that some kind person has a second copy in good shape that we can borrow, copy, and then return. Bob Morecook

Thanks to SP4 Tim Abney of Vietnam War radio station KLIK in Lai Khe - the radio voice of the 1st Infantry Division.  Tim provided these sounds and got permissions to post them.

Internet posting by AFVN veterans - Hear Vietnam War Radio - American Forces Vietnam Network - Again.  Bob Morecook, webmaster.