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Welcome to the web site for the Department of Accounting at the Houston Community College System. 

This website gives you an overview of our course programs as well as profiles of our faculty.  In today's dynamic business environment, Accounting education provides our students with stable earnings, personal satisfaction and a variety of exciting and challenging career opportunities.  The department has been accredited by the State Board of Accountancy (for details, click at "CPA Exam" on your left) and provides an Associate degree in Applied Science, Accounting Certificate, and Cooperative Education programs. These programs prepare students in a variety of settings including business, industry, government and not-for-profit organizations for entry level positions such as Bookkeeper, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable or Payroll Clerk; or a Staff Accountant; or as a Paraprofessional Accountant in an accounting firm.  The programs also provide students in the community with occupational and technical instruction, continuing education, college transfer courses, professional assistance, and resources for learning.

To earn an Associate degree in Applied Science in accounting from HCCS requires a total of 63 credit hours, including 33 in accounting and to complete an Accounting Certificate requires 39 credit hours, including 27 in accounting discipline.  Both manual and computer integrated accounting systems are emphasized in our curricula.  Our faculty members have practical experiences that enable them to share both theory and actual practices with their students.

Please browse through the links listed on this page (see on your left) and feel free to stop by and chat with the department chair or any of our faculty about the opportunities and challenges that await you in the world of Accounting.  For more information you may call the department office at (713)718-7911.  


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